Latinext HOLA! USA cover


Go behind the scenes of HOLA! USA's first ever LatiNext cover shoot

Franco Noriega, Marielena Dávila, Juanpa Zurita, Isabela Moner and Denise Bidot

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There's a new generation of Latinx stars that are ready to take over the world. The digital era is not only a tool that connects us globally, it has also transformed the way we live and learn about different corners of this planet. Now, everything is at the palm of our hands, and it's effortlessly coincided with the way the Latinx community has revealed its culture—the way we work, our unwavering spirit and our love of family has enriched this nation throughout the years. Our culture also has place in this era thanks to a group of young stars who are proud to be Latinx and changing the world's perspective one post at a time. 

This is why in this edition of HOLA! USA, we are celebrating this new LatiNext generation and bringing together the Latinx superstars that run social media: Plus size model Denise Bidot, actress Isabela Moner, chef and restaurateur Franco Noriega, actress and model Marielena Dávila and actor/influencer Juanpa Zurita. All shine in their respective careers, but most of all, these five stars use their social media platforms for good. 

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Between all the laughs and the glamour, these five influencers are giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at their joint cover for the October issue of HOLA! USA. "We gathered these five brilliant influencers, which resulted in an open conversation that was informative, but also incredibly fun," explains HOLA! USA's editor-in-chief Miguel Sirgado

Isabela Moner, Juanpa Zurita, Denise Bidot, Franco Noriega and Marielena Dávila are on this month's cover of HOLA! USA

"In this edition of HOLA! USA, we're proud to introduce the singers, actors, models, entrepreneurs and even members of royal families who represent our community in their spirit, strength and personality," Miguel adds about the issue that sheds light on a generation that's paving the way for Latinxers in the United States. "This edition is a way of telling them that they have our appreciation, respect and admiration."

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