Dascha Polanco

Dascha Polanco gives her followers a lesson on the birds, the bees and sunflowers!

The actress took to social media to share a short clip for 'Dascha’s national nature discovery Sundays'

For a new installment of Dascha Polanco’s, 'Dascha’s national nature discovery Sundays,' the Orange Is the New Black star gave her fans and followers a lesson on sunflower seeds and the birds and the bees with an up close look at giant sunflowers. In the clip where she focuses on one of nature’s beauties, the Dominican star says, “On this episode of nature Sunday, we have huge sunflowers.” The video features bees sitting on the disk florets of a couple of flowers, and she explains how their pollen helps produce sunflower seeds.

Dascha took to social media to share a new installment of her 'Dascha’s national nature discovery Sundays'

We’re no experts in the making of sunflower seeds, but we’ll trust her word on it. Last week, the 36-year-old posted a similar clip featuring a species of worms leaving silk traps on the leaves of trees. Clearly, the In the Heights actress has taken a deep interest in all things nature and giving us, her followers, an appreciation for the things she discovers.

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Besides bringing a weekly dose of nature’s attributes to our feeds, Dascha is using her platform for spreading self-love. While celebrating National Rum Month with the Bacardi Limited Premium Rum Portfolio in New York City, the Russian Doll actress opened up about her vision on confidence.

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All this time that I felt that I was alone and hidden, and I felt like ‘Yo, no one is going to understand what I’m going through.’ Now is a beautiful time because there are so many people out there that reach out and they’re like ‘Yo, how are you so confident?’ I’m like ‘Yo, in reality my confidence is not confidence,’” she explained.

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The Dominican actress wants to spread self-love

Recently Dascha was praised by her social media followers and fellow Hollywood colleagues after posting a pic of the back of herself in a two-piece swimsuit. The snap was taken by her son Aryam and next to it she wrote, “At first I was like you see my butt ripples and right there it hit me. We are approx 60-75% water soooo, Duh Gurl get your wave on Ripple like the water YOU ARE An ocean Your body Is full of waves and your Son can take a hell of a pic.”

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