Kat Dahlia

Kat Dahlia is 'Doin' Good!' The singer sounds off on new music and sharing the stage with Ozuna

The 'Mojada' singer is set to take the stage at the Los Dells Festival

Miami-raised Kat Dahlia is ready to take the stage at this year’s Los Dells Festival in Mauston, Wisconsin on August 31. For the 29-year-old performer, whose dream collab would include Justin Bieber and Drake, there is something extra special about performing on the festival circuit. “You end up being able to see a lot of new people in the crowd that might not be your fans mixed with people that know you,” the Mojada singer tells HOLA! USA. It’s also a chance for her to see some of her favorite artists. “I love Ozuna so I’m super stoked to see him and Duki.”

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Watch the video above to see what you can expect from the star’s upcoming music and learn why her roots play an important role in her craft.

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