Sebastian Maniscalco and Lana Gomez

Sebastian Maniscalco is hosting tonight’s MTV VMAs and we are taking a deep dive into his life to get the 411 on the Italian entertainer who will take over our screens this Monday night. 

Sebastian is a stand-up comedian who is, it is safe to say, very Italian (for reference: google "I'm Hosting the 2019 VMA's!" and you'll see what we mean!). He is also the father of two and the husband of Spanish designer, sculptor and artist Lana Gomez. The comedian has been in Hollywood for quite some time. He moved to L.A. in 1998 and did stand up sets at the Comedy Store. Ten years later, he was featured on Comedy Central and by 2017 he was ranked by Forbes as one of the “highest paid comedians.” 

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Sebastian fuels his comedy on the chores of daily life. First he used to joke about dating in his thirties, then about his wife, and now most frequently about the life of a parent. Just yesterday, tonight’s host toured the Prudential Center in Newark, where the VMAs are taking place and referenced that although he is the host tonight, he is always a parent… as he loaded up his kids' stroller onto a black 12 passenger van. 

Lana Gomez, Sebastian’s wife, has an impressive rep-sheet. Besides being as funny as her husband, the artist is of Spanish descent and met Sebastian in 2013 after they “coincidentally” met at the gym… though it was not really a “coincidence”; Sebastian asked his personal trainer to introduce him to some cute girls and well, I guess the PT went above and beyond! Lana is an accomplished artist and sculptor and the mastermind behind the 10-foot guitar sculpture on the Sunset Strip of the Gibson GuitarTown. 

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