Calma Carmona

Ponte al Ritmo

Calma Carmona bares her heart and soul as she takes us on a tour of her lovely island

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Listening to Calma Carmona, you are quickly transported to a world where there are no stresses, no worries and, most certainly, no drama. “I hope people get to disconnect and escape from their busy, hectic lives and have a good time,” the Puerto Rican star, who sings in both Spanish and English, tells HOLA! USA. Though every song provides that sense of, well, calm, don’t label her music one way. “I think what makes my music unique is you can’t really pinpoint one genre,” the Sentir singer says. “[My second album] is different from the first; I’m experimenting with other genres and have more collaborations. I love working with other artists.”

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Her voice and talent have been captivating fans since her first single When I was Your Girl (her favorite to perform) came out in 2013. And one fan in particular left her star struck –none other than Beyonce. “She’s a major influence,” shares Calma, who opened for Queen Bey during the Mrs. Carter tour in San Juan. “She strives and is a really hard-worker. It’s such a good example for anyone in any industry.”

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It’s that same tenacity as The Lion King actress that has enabled her to head her own label and put out music that is a “fusion of many, many layers.” She adds: “My grandmother was the first person to encourage me to do this. She always motivated me, inspired me and made me believe I could do anything.”

Watch the video above to find out the other places Calma finds inspiration –whether it be her local coffee shop, the iconic El San Juan hotel or simply the beautiful beaches of her lovely island.

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