Chris Hemsworth and Liam Hemsworth

Chris and Liam Hemsworth working out is the eye-candy we all need

Chris and Liam Hemsworth show off their fit bodies on social media

The Hemsworth brothers are some of this era’s most eye-catching siblings, and they do not let us forget it. Despite both brothers, Chris and Liam, being happily married to Elsa Pataky and Miley Cyrus, the brothers often show their picture perfect physique on social media. 

In a recent post on Liam’s account, the Australian hearthrob shared him and his brother working out. Yes, Liam’s shirtless bod makes an appearance while they "receive" a V.I.P. package of SIPP — an instant coffee brand for which Liam is working as global ambassador. 

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Comments on the video have shifted from the coffee brand to Liam’s body. Friend Ryan Rottman commented “I'm not going to a pool or beach with you anytime soon fyi” and Australian actor Todd Lasance poked fun at the pair, “So cute seeing two guys just starting out on their fitness journey. Inspiring. Long road ahead, but you gotta start somewhere.”

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