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Gina Rodriguez had to promise THIS to her husband about their wedding

The 'Jane the Virgin' star revealed some juicy details about her ‘two weddings’ and what Joe LoCicero made her promise

Gina Rodriguez and Joe LoCicero tied the knot last May in a beautiful ceremony with close friends and family. The happy couple, who met on the set of Jane the Virgin, shared an emotional video back then where they looked stunning and Joe could be seen bursting into tears of joy. However, there are some details we missed! And it´s Gina herself who spilled the beans during a recent interview with Access Hollywood. The actress talked not only about the series finale –   spoiler alert yes, Jane ties the knot with Rafael – but also about her own wedding with now hubby Joe. And there´s a special promise she had to make to keep him happy, keep on reading if you want to find out!

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Gina is already focused on Diary of a Female President, her new show after Jane the Virgin

“Shooting the finale of Jane the Virgin was kind of an insanity and way too much because I was preparing for my wedding, I was preparing for Jane´s wedding,” said the actress with a beautiful smile,“ and my husband made me promise I wouldn´t waste all my tears for Jane’s wedding, I had to cry at my wedding also! So, what’s good is that I’m very good at it!” She continued: “Nooo, I'm joking, I’m joking! the tears for him were semi-real, I’m joking! It was kind of important that I definitely kept the heart of marriage for real life.”

Gina and Joe met on Jane´s set in 2016 and tied the knot last May

Gina and Joe started dating in 2016 after he had a small – and hilarious –  role as a stripper in the series. “We met on Jane, and then six months later, we saw each other in the gym,” the actress explained in an interview for Live Kelly&Ryan. “He thought I was being nice to him because I like being nice with everybody coming to the show, it means a lot to me if you come and share your talent with us, and I thought he was being sweet with me because… I´m the lead. Nothing happened and then, six months later, we met in the gym and I was like, ‘oh, you box also.’” And that was the beginning of a beautiful love story! Lucky girl, Gina, she got the fairytale ending two times over!

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