Michelle Salas gets candid about her challenges as a daughter and a sister

The blogger and model talked to HOLA! USA about the most important women in her life

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Even though Michelle Salas comes from the prestigious Pinal dynasty and her family's name is a heavyweight in the entertaintment industry, the 30-year-old knows what hard work and carving her own path truly means. Michelle learned all about perserverance from her mother, actress Stephanie Salas. Apart from being a good apprentice, Michelle has in turn, become a great role model for younger sister, Camila Valero. In an exclusive interview featured in HOLA! USA's September edition, the model gets candid about her relationship with her family and the struggles of living life in the public eye.

 Michelle Salas poses with her mom and sister in the gorgeous beaches of Cancun

The model, who is also an influencer on social media, was one of the VI Premios Latino special guests in Xcaret Mexico Hotel, which she attended with her mom and her sister. Taking a break from her busy schedule, Michelle and her 'female tribe' were the center of attention in a spectacular photoshoot at the heavenly beaches of Quintana Roo.

Michelle told HOLA! USA how important her mom is in her life, expressing herself gushingly about her mother. “She is my rock! I have always been grateful for the upbringing she gave me because that’s where it all begins. I was taught the importance of hard work to achieve success, whether by myself or with others, and never limiting myself.”

Michelle confessed that her mother is her accomplice, her partner-in-crime and also her best advisor. “My mom is my best friend. Whenever I’m in trouble, I have something to celebrate or if I need an advice, she is the first person I call.”

The challenges she faces

Michelle is very much aware of the responsibilities she must carry as an older sister. “There is a seven year gap between Camila and myself. Since I was little, my mom has asked me to be a role model, so I have tried to do my very best.”

She also spoke about those difficult years being scrutinized in the spotlight. “When I was a teenager I had a bad time because I did not know how to handle it, but when you start to feel better with yourself, [when you start] to become more confident, and to know what you want and what you don’t want, it teaches you that this is actually not a problem; it's a part of life.”

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