Few are shocked when they hear people talk about Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez’s children Emme and Max. After all, the twins have pretty much grown up on the spotlight! But what most people don’t know, is that Marc Anthony is the biological father of five! 

El Flaco is the father of AriannaRyan, Cristian, Emme and Max. Arianna is his oldest and most 'secret' daughter, and Emme and Max are his youngest and most well known. Back in the 1990’s this salsa icon married Debbie Rosado, his first wife and a former NYC cop and together they welcomed Ariana Anthony Muñiz. Arianna grew up with her mom, but has a close relationship with her dad and his later wives and girlfriends. See the details below!

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Arianna was born in 1995, and just five years later, Marc dedicated his single “My Baby You” to her. Although the song does not name Arianna by name until the last verse. The entire song is dedicated to the love between a father and a son/daughter: “As I look into your eyes / I see all the reasons why / My life's worth a thousand skies /You're the simplest love I've known / And the purest one I'll own / Know you'll never be alone”.

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