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Watch Jennifer Lopez star as a stripper in new 'Hustlers' teaser

The full trailer drops on July 17

Jennifer Lopez's highly-anticipated flick Hustlers is going to be straight up iconic for two reasons: a) It's starring JLo and b) It's starring JLo and other leading ladies in Hollywood like Lili Reinhart, Constance Wu and singer Lizzo. So far we've gotten few glimpses of the movie, which sees the women as strippers who basically band together to steal money from rich clients. Now, Hustlers has released new footage ahead of the trailer premiere (on July 17), and OH MY GOD, we're so excited!

There's a new teaser for JLo's new flick Hustlers ahead of the trailer premiere on July 17

STX released a series of short teasers on their social media dedicated to each of the movie's leading ladies. In the first clip, we see JLo as her character Ramona twirling around a dance pole and flailing on the floor while rubbing money across her body. Other highlights include Keke Palmer seductively sipping on a cocktail, Lili Reinhart cuddling with a kitty, and Cardi B dancing on stage with nothing but diamond crystals on her chest.  

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JLo previously opened up about paying a stripper in the Lorene Scafaria-directed movie. “It’s a nightmare thinking about being up there. I’m exposing myself, let’s say, in a way, emotionally and physically more than I’ve ever done in a movie,” the 49-year-old actress told the Elvis Duran Z00 Morning Show. “And I’ve done love scenes and this and that, whatever, but not like I was up there like that. “I take sexy pictures and all that kind of stuff,” she continued. “I’ve done videos that are very’s not that, but this is a different mentality, and so as an actress it’s a scary…for me, it’s not scary, it just makes me nervous.” 

In the teaser, we see JLo as stripper Ramona pole dancing

Besides getting ready for the premiere of Hustlers, JLo is also currently on her It's My Party Tour in celebration of her upcoming 50th birthday on July 24. And according to her fiancé Alex Rodriguez, it's a must-watch concert. “It was the best show I’ve seen so far. You guys killed it! And you showed why you’re a champion, baby,” he told her in a sweet moment captured in JLo's video diary.

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