Shay Mitchell gender reveal

Is it a boy or girl? Shay Mitchell reveals her baby's gender and it involves Power Rangers

We've never seen a gender reveal like this one!

After recently revealing she’s expecting her first child with boyfriend Matte Babel, Shay Mitchell has brought us perhaps the coolest gender reveal party (more like an action-filled hang) in the history of gender reveals. Over the years we’ve come across numerous ways in which people like to announce whether they’ll be having a boy or a girl, but never one that involves Power Rangers! In a video shared by the 32-year-old actress, the parents-to-be are ready to find out the sex of their first-born, but not without first taking a poll of their loved ones’ guesses.

Shay Mitchell and her boyfriend are having a little girl! Photo: @mattebabel

In the video, which she posted to her YouTube channel, the Pretty Little Liars star and her love, are seen making phone calls to their parents and friends asking them to choose whether they believe they’ll be having a female or male. Their loved ones must have truly felt the female spirit because most of them believed they were having a girl, and they were right!

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But the way they found out was truly unique and unexpected as suddenly a pink and blue Power Ranger enter the picture, and they begin battling each other. After minutes of pretend-fighting and a “near death” experience, the pink Power Ranger finally wins thus revealing they’re having a little girl.

After suffering a miscarriage in 2018, Shay is expecting her first child Photo: @shaymitchell

Shay, who is six-months pregnant waited out to announce to the world about her pregnancy after having suffered a miscarriage in 2018. However, she’s now taking her fans through this exciting and personal journey. When talking to her fans and followers on her channel, the actress became vulnerable and opened up about her personal experience.

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“When you’re in the public eye, there are some things you want to just keep a secret until you feel ready," she says. "This, for me, has been the hardest. It’s going to be really fun and awesome when I’m not trying to hide it anymore. I didn’t want to come out on social media so early on. I’m going to be so happy when this comes out. I can be pregnant, like not suck my stomach in.”

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