Bottle Cap Challenge

Jason Statham and John Mayer take on the bottle cap challenge

The two stars kicked off the challenge by posting their videos online

Another day, another challenge! The latest viral challenge to take the world by storm is the bottle cap challenge, and it's exactly what it sounds like—people basically try to take down a bottle cap with a swift kick and without breaking or knocking down the bottle. FYI, for maximum double taps on your social media, it's best to film in slow motion. Naturally, the whole world is participating, including A-listers. Actor Jason Statham and singer John Mayer are two stars that have taken on the challenge and posted videos on their social media accounts. 

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It's no surprise that Jason, Hollywood's beloved action star, looked great doing the challenge. In his video, the 51-year-old Hobbs and Shaw star stands on a rooftop, staring down the bottle cap as if it's a villain in The Transporter. He proceeds to do a stunt-worthy turn before he expertly kicks off the bottle cap. You can see his full clip above.

John, who is best known for singing and not doing martial arts, is surprsingly stealth. In his own video, the 41-year-old singer/songwriter, looks in top shape as he does a turn to kicks off the cap. See his pro kick below:

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The challenge reportedly began when Taekwondo world champion Farabi Davletchin posted a video on his social media kicking a water bottle cap and challenging his friends. "New Challenge with #farakickschallenge," he captioned. "Sending a challenge @jasonstatham @thenotoriousmma @jcvd @jackiechan. Waiting for your video friends."

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