Tom Holland

Tom Holland became real-life Spider-Man in New York City when promoting the film’s upcoming sequel Spider-Man: Far From Home. The Avengers: Endgame star was signing autographs when he noticed a fan, Cass, being squeezed against the barricade by the fans behind her trying to get a hold of Tom. 

Like the true British gentleman that he is, the actor noticed Cass was close to having a panic attack and stepped in. He stretched his arm out to Cass and asked for everyone to take a step back in order to give her adequate space to breathe. 

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The moment was captured on social media by Cass and we can hear her saying “I’m literally going to have a panic attack,” to which Tom replies “It’s okay, I got you, I got you. Can you back-up?” The autograph signing is said to have a lot of older male attendees who are known to get the celebrity’s autograph in order to sell them later, and they can be quite aggressive.

Right before Tom addresses Cass in the video, he is heard telling another member of the crowd that he’ll throw his things on the floor “if you keep pushing like that.” 

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