The legal dispute between Marc Anthony and former housekeeper Concetta Graziosi has come to an end. A deal has been reached after months of negotiations; the singer has agreed to pay his ex-employee around $500,000 to settle the lawsuit she filed over unpaid wages.

Marc AnthoyVIEW GALLERY Marc Anthony has still yet to comment about Concetta’s lawsuit

According to Page Six , the matter has been resolved in private mediation. Concetta Graziosi worked for the singer while he was married to Jennifer Lopez in the 100,000 square foot property they owned in Brookville, NY. The couple divorced back in 2014 and share two children, Max and Emme.

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Ms Graziosi started working for Marc in 2005. She listed her duties as cleaning up after the singer and JLo´s family and also helping out with twins Max and Emme’s care. The couple divorced in 2014, but the housekeeper continued working for the singer until 2017, when he decided to sell the house.

In October last year, Ms Graziosi decided to sue the Tu vida en la mía singer. According to Page Six, she claimed she wasn´t even paid the minimum wage. She would receive $2,000 every two weeks, no matter how many hours she logged. “At times, (Ms Graziosi), would buy groceries for the household prior to her official shift starting, with no compensation,” the suit read. In the documents, Ms Graziosi did not refer to Jennifer Lopez at any moment.

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Although Marc Anthony's team denied any wrongdoing when Ms Graziosi filed the lawsuit in 2018, his representatives have not publicly commented on the recent agreement.

Marc AnthoyVIEW GALLERY  Marc was married to Jennifer Lopez for ten years, they have two children, twins Max y Emme

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, the perfect exes

They were friends before getting married, and they are friends after their divorce in 2014. Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez were together for ten years, share two beautiful children, Max and Emme, and are the perfect example of how to have a healthy relationship with an ex-partner. They try to keep in touch and never miss a chance to reunite and attend one of their kids' events. In their latest school concert, the twins performed Whitney Houston´s classic tune I Will Always Love You. In the audience, Marc and Jennifer, along with Alex Rodriguez, sang along with the famous chorus.

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