Dj and Kingston

The babbling baby and his father make their first TV show appearance

Last week, DJ and his 19-month-old son Kingston Pryor went viral after a video of their conversation/babble was posted online and reached millions of views. 100 million views later, the father and son have now starred in their own ad for Denny's and have reached viral stardom. Wondering what these two are up to now? They made their first talkshow appearance on the Today show and the father, who also happens to be a stand-up comic and actor, explained the rollercoaster ride his family has been on since their popular video.

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"It was one of those moments that we were just sitting down having a real moment that we have everyday in the house. And I think people connected with that," DJ explained during his visit to the Today show. "I think you just see a father connecting with his child, which you don't often see. So when you see that, it resonated with people, it felt real. It was organic, and it was!"

One day after people were buzzing about his adorable video with his son, one company quickly reached out for the father and son duo to star in their own commercial. "[Denny's] hit me up like the next day," he revealed. "They hit me up on Instagram, and I was like, 'this is not the real Denny's.' And I saw the blue check and I thought it might be real, so I said, 'this is my representation, contact them.' And then my agent hit me up like ten minutes later and said, 'hey, Denny's just hit us up.'" And then we got something together."

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The father and son that went viral and starred in their own Denny's commercial made an appearance on the Today show Photo: Shanieke Pryor

Next up for DJ and Kingston? "I think we're gonna go live our normal life," the father said. "I'm going to go ahead and do what I've been doing in stand-up comedy and roles and try to find some way to kick open this door for my career." As for little Kingston, he might have a future in Hollywood. "I want my son to live a normal and when he gets older and he decides this is what he wants to do, we're doing it."

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