Camila Cabello talks shooting sexy Señorita video with Shawn Mendes

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes broke the internet on Thursday with the release of their hot new video Señorita, which features the two – who also collaborated for the 2015 hit, I Know What You Did Last Summer – in a series of sensual love scenes.

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In the clip, Camila plays a beautiful waitress at a local diner who falls head over heels for Shawn, who unleashes his inner bad boy as a sexy motorcycle-riding customer. 

Camila Cabello Shawn Mendes Señorita videoVIEW GALLERY
Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes' new video, Señorita, was released on Thursday at midnight and fans went wild 

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The music video sees the couple's love story develop from a white t-shirt and jeans-clad Shawn watching Camila from a booth at the diner, to her cuddling up on his motorbike to the most talked-about scene, a sizzling clinch in a hotel room.

While the duo's followers were fanning themselves from the heat, even the Fifth Harmony star admitted that shooting the steamy scenes made both her and her co-star "nervous". In a live chat with fans, she revealed: "The whole music video was funny because we were both really nervous, I had to drink a lot of wine!" she said.

Camila Cabello waitress SeñoritaVIEW GALLERY
The former Fifth Harmony singer plays a waitress opposite Shawn's guitar-playing, motorcycle riding bad boy

Before the video was unveiled at midnight, Camila took to social media to announce the big news. "It's been.... so hard to keep this a secret... BUT NOT NO MORE CAUSE SEÑORITA COMES OUT EVERYWHERE AT MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!!!!!!!"

Camila Cabello Shawn Mendes love sceneVIEW GALLERY
The video features the two, who also collaborated on 2015's I Know What You Did Last Summer in a series of steamy scenes 

The song has been in the making for the past nine months and Camila couldn't wait to team up again with Shawn, whose chemistry likely stems from their close four-year friendship. "We’ve known each other for about four years now, and I really love Shawn as a person and he’s always been there for me. I’m lucky I found someone like that early on when I started this," said the singer.

Her co-star returned the praise, saying, "Working with [Camila] is a dream." He enthused, "She is the most creative most fun most empathetic person I know."

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