Edith González's daughter Constanza: what does the future hold for her?

As fans mourn the loss of Mexican actress Edith González – who passed away on June 13 after battling cancer – many are wondering what the future holds for her 14-year-old daughter Constanza Creel Gonzalez. There has been much speculation over the teenager’s family situation, and who she will be living with.

Reports began circulating that Edith’s husband Lorenzo Lazo was also dealing with cancer, but the stories – which stemmed from an announcement made by Mara Patricia Castañeda, a boss at Mexican media giant Televisa – were denied by Edith’s brother Víctor Manuel. “Lorenzo is completely fine. The only sickness he suffers from is my sister's absence,” he clarified during an interview with TV show Venga la Alegria.

Due to work-related reasons, Edith spent some time living in Miami. Here, mother and daughter make a pose during their attendance to Miami Open 2016
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What is clear is that Constanza will feel safe and loved, her mother made sure of it. When she realized her health was failing, Edith turned to her actress friends to ask them to look out for her daughter. She enlisted Katie Barberi to help organize Constanza's 15th birthday party, while Vanessa Bauche will make sure she is kept out of the media spotlight.

Constanza was the center of the Doña Bárbara actress’ world. She has praised Constanza on many occasions and explained how she was her rock during her fight against cancer: “I want to make a big tribute to my little one, to Constanza,” Edith said during an interview for TV show Don Francisco Te Invita. “When she knew I had cancer, she spent three weeks sleeping by the end of my bed. She did not abandon her mama, she is the cherry on top of my cake. That's what she is.

The bond between mother and daughter has always been strong; it was just the two of them against the world until 2009, when Edith married Lorenzo. That was the beginning of a happy family life where Constanza gained not only a father figure but also a big sister, Lorenzo's daughter, Lorenza; both welcomed her with open arms.

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