Edith González´s brother reveals her last heartbreaking moments with family

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Edith González's death on June 13 left fans in Mexico completely devastated. The 54-year-old actress had been battling cancer for years, but friends and family around her thought the fight was won. “We thought everything was ok,” her brother Víctor Manuel commented during an interview for TV show Ventaneando. “She had a PET scan done before starting her new show and everything looked ok.”

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Víctor Manuel remembered how his sister always kept a smile on her face, even in the most difficult moments before her death
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Cedric, Edith's dog, was a present from her family - surely he will be missing the actress too

In the moving interview, the actress' brother revealed heartbreaking details of her last days. Edith, a strong and determined woman, made all the arrangements so that her family would not have to worry about the details while they grieved. Not only did she make sure her funeral was organized and daughter Constanza was looked after, she also faced her destiny with a smile on her face.

“She had minor back pain and bowel obstruction; that’s why she went back to the hospital,” explained Victor. “But she was brave. She had a smile on her face when she went into hospital, and she was the same when she came out.”

He continued: “The way she found out how things really were, and how she talked to the doctor…It was truly impressive.” Edith's brother also recalled the moment he received the bad news and his sister’s courageous reaction. “She had just received all the information about her situation from the doctor; she smiled and just did this (waved goodbye with her hand).”

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There was a farewell ceremony at Teatro Jorge Negrete last Friday with flowers, photos showing her best memories and mariachis

In those final moments, Edith's loved ones gathered to say their farewells. “We went all together as a family,” explained Víctor Manuel. “Each one of us had a moment with her: Lorenzo, who is a great husband, my daughter, Constanza and me. We all shared [our feelings and thoughts together].”