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Was it his charming smile, his sweetheart demeanor or the chemistry between Peter and Lara Jean that made fans claim Noah Centineo as their Internet boyfriend? The mystery remains, but Noah Centineo is definitely a heartthrob.

Noah’s first big role was as a recurring character in the Freeform family series, The Fosters, as the middle brother of the clan. After filming The Fosters, Noah landed the roles that led him to became a household name: Peter Kavinsky in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Jamey in Sarah Burgess is a Loser and Brooks Rattigan in The Perfect Date.

So how exactly did America’s boyfriend get started in the industry that turned him into an international superstar? We’ve got the deets!

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Prior to his breakthrough roles, Noah already had a recurring role on the Disney Channel show Austin and Ally, and he has been recognized by fans at the movie theater while out with his mother… marking his first taste of fame. After the wildly popluar release of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Noah got another fame-reality-check when he gained millions of new social media followers within a few days — but luckily, his charming and down to earth personality remains just as sweet as his character Kakinsky. He confessed to The New York Times that, "It’s humbling, it’s inspiring and it’s really motivating. I’ve been working for this for 14-plus years.

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