Shalim Ortiz, Grand Hotel

The temperature in Miami is rising, and it’s not because of the heat. With the highly-anticipated show Grand Hotel, from executive producer Eva Longoria, finally premiering Monday, June 17, South Beach will never be the same. Shalim Ortiz, who plays hotel manager Mateo, stopped by HOLA! USA to reveal what viewers can expect from the new ABC show. “Grand Hotel in three words –sexy, mysterious and unpredictable,” he says. And although there will be plenty of drama taking place inside the hotel, off screen the cast that also includes Roselyn Sanchez, JenCarlos Canela and Demián Bichir really bonded. “Everybody kind of does their job, and everybody is so generous,” he adds. “There’s no prima donnas; there's no egos. It really is a dream cast.”

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The dad-of-three, who knows just how quick time flies with his little ones, also gave such praise to Eva. "[She] is a force of nature. I think everybody who knows her says the same thing – she is a workaholic and wears so many hats at once," he notes. "This is her baby, and to me it’s an honor to be a part of it. Just to take Eva’s words, it’s very important for us as Latino actors and spectators to support a show like this that has Latinos in different job positions, not your cliché and typical roles but just a role of power."

Watch the video to learn more about Mateo, and why you won't want to leave the Grand Hotel!

Grand Hotel premieres on ABC on June 17, 10 pm EST.

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