Alex Rodriguez predicted relationship with Jennifer Lopez

While it is known that the hit animated television series The Simpsons has made headlines over its myriad curious predictions that have eerily come true - smart watches, FaceTime and yes, even a certain American presidency - we are still surprised when these prophecies, so to speak, are strangely accurate! Such is the case with Alex Rodriguez, who on March 9, 2019 popped the question to an ecstatic Jennifer Lopez and documented it all on social media for the world to see, including a nice close-up of THAT ring. So where's the divination in all this? The couple made their now-iconic official debut as a couple in May 2017 at the MET gala, after all, and their social media platforms carefully track their every red carpet appearance, vacation and kids' school plays and graduation ceremonies.

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Alex predicted his relationship with Jennifer Lopez while the Yankee player was still green and fresh-faced. The evidence is in a recently unearthed video where Alex, presumably interviewed just after a game, revealed his dream date. Can you guess who it was? Check out the video above!


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