Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas is celebrating his latest 'achievement' and it's not an award

Like you, Anotonio Banderas has realized that he's gotten better with time. The Spanish actor had the perfect reaction to being recognized as a sex symbol. “That feels great! Being close to 60, and the people call you a sex symbol,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “Ah, it’s an achievement, baby.” The Pain and Glory actor may be sexy, but has no problem admitting that his style has gotten a little older.

Antonio Banderas has no problem being a "sex symbol" at the age of 58

I was styled young, and now I’m styled old,” he joked about his evolution. “That’s what happened.” The 58-year-old, who is the President of Miami Fashion Week, noted that his style choices are inspired by the region he is in. “I'm very eclectic, if you will," the actor said. "It sometimes depends on the place where I am. For example, when I was in Cannes for the festival, I was wearing those Picasso T-shirts with a lot of stripes and blue and white pants all the time with blue blazers and hats that I never use in other places... But if I go to New York, I may just use more leather jackets and boots and jeans that are darker.”

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He continued: “It just depends where I am. And I have to do a lot of red carpets, so I have to go in black and tuxedos and different things, so I am very eclectic." The “sex symbol” recently flexed his classic style on the carpet at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival. Antonio, who attended in support of his film Pain and Glory, had his girlfriend Nicole Kimpel by his side as he took home the festival’s biggest award, Best Actor after portraying the film's director and his friend in the semi-autobiographical film

The Pain and Glory actor is admits his style has changed 

"It's not just dedicated to him because he is my director, he's the character that I play," Antonio said about Pedro Almodóvar after accepting the award at the Palme D'Or photocall. "There is so much in this award of him, literally him." He also spoke about the challenges of playing someone he's close to. "It's very interesting when you just play a character that exists, but if that character is behind the camera directing you, the situation becomes kind of surrealistic."

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