Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony teamed up with popular Miami radio host, Enrique Santos, and gave listeners an insightful glimpse into his life, not only by sharing fun facts about projects, music and family, but also by entertaining the audience with his sassy self. 

Besides being asked the usual interview questions like, what did Marc buy with this first big paycheck? (*Spoiler alert* - A Rolls Royce!), Miami radio show host Enrique Santos also engaged him with a fun, rapid fire question game. Check out the responses in the video below!

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Marc, aka JLo’s former beau, also added 'expert mad-libber' to his résumé - he finished a few sentences thusly:

Enrique: On a romantic night, you can’t be without?

Marc: Alcohol

E: My body needs?

Marc: My body needs…to have women I can sing for.

(And as the loving father he is...)

E: My kids are?

Marc: Life, everything, future, my inspiration, love. Happiness, air.

Marc also said he enjoys a fun reggaeton concert and that to him, salsa is: “Life, culture. To enjoy, salsa is to live. Lately, when I travel -in London, Ukraine, France- everyone thinks that our music is happiness. And I tell them, this song is about a tragedy, right? I tell them, it sounds happy, but the song talks about a tragedy. " 

Enrique Santos and Marc Anthony have been friends for many years. When speaking to Enrique, the singer had this to say: "You are my brother. I feel safe with you. I know what you represent. And I want to be a part of that."

It seems like Marc is not alone; Enrique was spotted hanging with J Balvin during his birthday celebration at Salt Bae’s Nusr-Et Steakhouse in Miami in early May 2019.

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