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Celeb authors: how many of these Latinx stars do you know have written children's books?

Being on stage or on set is all in a day's work for Hollywood’s most popular celebrities, but several Latinx stars have branched out into writing children's books. We've created a video roundup of famous names like Ricky Martin, Mario Lopez and Roselyn Sánchez who have reflected on their life experiences in order to inspire children and adults to pursue their dreams, embrace their heritage and appreciate the challenges they have faced on their way to success.


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Ricky Martin and Alex Rodriguez's storybooks – Santiago The Dreamer in Land and Out of the Ballpark, respectively – are meant to inspire children to dream big despite any obstacles they may face along the way. Ricky's story is based on a personal one, when he was crushed after not succeeding in his first audition and his father encouraged him. Santiago is “about a child who auditions for his play at school and he was rejected," the singer told NPR. "And the relationship that he has with his father is exactly like the relationship I had with my father.”


Roselyn Sánchez also drew inspiration from her own life while writing the bilingual book Sebi and the land of Cha Cha Cha, with actor husband Eric Winter. The Puerto Rican actress’ inspiration to start writing was fueled by her desire to teach her daughter Sebella about Latin dancing and culture. "I realized there was no book that embraced the Latin culture when it comes to dancing," she said during an AOL Build chat. "There’s wonderful books about ballet and tap but there was nothing that would teach kids Latin rhythms."

Watch the video above to discover more Latinx celebrities who have written children's books!

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