Mic drop! Watch Cardi B, Ozuna and Adriana Lima's $690 million Las Vegas launch

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…unless you’re talking about Cardi B, Adriana Lima and Ozuna! This starry trio usually makes headlines on their own, but the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas brought them together for one jaw-dropping video showing the lavish life that awaits guests at the luxury hotel.

The resort has revamped itself for a Vegas experience like no other and promises the ultimate glam treatment. The new video, which also features Dapper Dan, Ezra Miller and Emily Ratajkowski, gives a glimpse at what will ultimately be more of an experience than an actual hotel stay.

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Celebs everywhere you look, sizzling performances, DJ Marshmello playing video games, Cardi B practically drowning in money and a race car arriving at your door...this is just a taste of what awaits visitors during their stay at the Nevada capital of glam.

The official reveal party of The Palms renovations will begin April 2019, but the heads-up that Ozuna and Cardi B may be in attendance and the thrilling, celeb-filled video definitely raises expectations to soaring heights!

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