It is no surprise that Eva Longoria is happily obsessed with her baby boy Santiago Enrique Bastón. We, too, are hung up on the 7-month-old cutie, cooing baby. He is the perfect pool play date and he loves to nap, which makes him just like the rest of us in all the important ways. Can you blame Eva for being so enamored with her bundle of joy that she wants to show the world how big her love is? Nope! The actress has done the most extra thing to show her baby some love: she's made made him the cover of her—wait for it—purse.

Eva Longoria made a purse out of her HOLA! USA cover with her baby boy Santiago Enrique Bastón

Eva was spotted leaving a meeting in Santa Monica looking fresh-faced and in charge. She was wearing a white collared shirt and a sleeveless sweater paired with nude-colored suede pants and heels. The best part of her outfit? Her purse which happened to have a huge portrait of her and her son's faces along with the words "Eres Mi Vida" (You Are My Life, in Spanish) written inside a heart. Yes, really!

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Hand painted by British artist, Boyarde/@boyarde, the purse features the Mexican actress lovingly looking at her son with the words "Eres Mi Vida" written inside a heart 

As for the epic picture, you can thank yours truly. In August 2018, Santiago made his debut to the world alongside his mom on HOLA! USA's anniversary edition cover story, where they invited us to their home to talk all things family followed by a sweet photo shoot featuring the glowing mama and son. The photos were so cute that the Desperate Housewives alum had one of them blown up and illustrated for her purse by British artist Boyarde Messenger.  

And of course, here's the original inspiration for the custom baby bag – our cover:

The original photo appeared inside Eva Longoria's cover story for HOLA! USA's August issue

Today Eva made a purse, but expect more extra and totally adorable mommy acts because the actress is loving motherhood. “It’s magical,” the 43-year-old actress told HOLA! USA last summer during her cover shoot for the magazine. “I feel like I’ve known him my whole life." 

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