Joe Biden delights the internet with his photos from when he was young, a heartthrob!

The vice president of the United States has stolen thousands of sighs with old photographs

Wow! Joe Biden 'broke' the internet with a photograph of him from when he was a young man in his mid-twenties. The vice president of the United States published that image a couple of years ago in his Instagram account, but it recently resurfaced in social media and became viral. The comments about how handsome the politician was in his youth have not ceased and the photograph has been shared thousands of times.

joebidenjoven1-©Instagram VP
Wow! This is the image that has made him an internet sensation.

In the image that caused a furor, Biden appears wearing a red shirt with short sleeves and shines an impeccable smile that goes perfect with his disheveled chestnut mane. When Biden uploaded it to his Instagram, the image managed to get just over 21,000 likes, but now it has a lot more than that.

Joe Biden has other photos on his Instagram that also raise sighs.©VP
There are more pictures of him from when he was young, and these have not gone unnoticed.

Social media users continued to search on his Instagram and found two more photos of the politician when he was younger. These photographs, also became viral and now the young Biden is the dream of many girls.

President Obama and the vice president have a great friendship.

The playful comments of thousands of women have caused Joe Biden to become a trend. Some users have written things like, "Someone asked me who the guy is on my cell phone when my phone is blocked, I replied: 'It's Joe Biden as a young man.'" Throughout the eight years that Biden has spent with Barack Obama in the White House, the 73-year-old politician has earned a reputation as a prankster. On the president's last birthday, Biden posted on social media a photograph of a couple of 'friendship bracelets' with his name and Obama's name.

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