Paris Hilton's incredible dog mansion has to be seen to be believed

Paris Hilton’s beloved dogs lead a life that is anything but ruff. In fact, the pampered pup’s lives closely parallel that of their glamorous owner’s.

Like the heiress, Paris’ pets live a life only many — humans included — can dream of, residing in a poolside Beverly Hills mansion. The "Doggy Mansion," as Paris has dubbed it on her social media accounts, is a two-story villa featuring pink walls and black accents, while surrounded by a decorative iron cast fence.



Also inside the stunning villa is a dramatic staircase and black chandelier. Naturally the dogs’ home is equipped with an air-conditioning system to beat the California heat, in addition to a balcony, so the canines can grab fresh air whenever they please — proving that the 35-year-old’s pets, including her Pomeranians Princess Paris Jr and Prince Hilton, are truly living in the lap of luxury.

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The doggy pad, which is well over five feet high, is large enough for the DJ to go inside and play with all her furry companions.


Back in 2012, Paris sat down for an interview with Celeb Buzz to discuss her pet’s fabulous living quarters, revealing at the time that the extraordinary dog house was a smaller version of her own home.

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“My pets are like my children, so they are very spoiled,” she said. “I had a mini dog mansion built in my backyard, it looks like a replica of my house, but the mini version. It has electricity, lighting, heat and air conditioning.”


Nicky Hilton's older sister continued, “It’s two stories with a beautiful stair well with crown moldings and gorgeous furniture and even their own closet. It’s so cute. I love hanging out with them in there.”

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