Jennifer Lopez shares the particular moment when she feels the 'sexiest'

Jennifer Lopez doesn't have to be on stage to feel and look her best! The 46-year-old triple threat shared the moment when she feels the sexiest. "I feel the sexiest when my hair is curly and I'm a little bit tan," the Shades of Blue star said during a series of rapid fire questions with People and Entertainment Weekly.


J.Lo shared some interesting facts Photo: Getty Images

Although the All I Have performer is pretty open when it comes to talking about her life, Jennifer shared that her inner-circle of friends see her in a different light. "I don't know, what do close friend's describe me as?" she asked. "I would say, non-judgmental. I think because I get judged a lot, I cannot judge people for what they do or say."

J.Lo admits she feels the sexiest when her hair is curly Photo: Getty Images

When it comes to how strangers see her, the actress uses one word. "Diva, because they don't know me." And being as busy as she is with currently starring in Shades of Blue, working as a judge on the final season of American Idol, performing in Las Vegas for her All I Have residency on top of being a mother to 8-year-old twins Max and Emme, the one thing she is really good at is communicating. "I feel like I'm a good communicator," she shared. "Like I can get things across. But then sometimes when it comes to my feelings and stuff I can't say the things that I want you to know."

Although J.Lo is amazing at everything she does, from the stage to working the red carpet and all of the in between, she admits that she has learned one key thing. "I'm flawed," she said when asked what she has learned about herself. "I actually learned to love that part, I hated it because I was a perfectionist."

When it comes to summing up her life in one hashtag, Jenny from the Block can only think of one word: "#amazing. It's been amazing."

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