Henry Cavill goes unnoticed in Times Square wearing a Superman t-shirt: Video

Perhaps he should have worn his cape! Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's Man of Steel, a.k.a Henry Cavill, took to the streets of New York City where he went shockingly unnoticed, all to prove a point to skeptics that his hero’s secret identity of a simple pair of glasses does actually work.


The handsome actor donned a Superman T-shirt as he strolled though one of the city’s most crowded areas, Times Square. In a hilarious video uploaded to Instagram, the 32-year-old posed with billboards for his and Ben Affleck’s upcoming Batman v Superman film, sat in the heart of the tourist destination and even hit up a Starbucks without a single passerby recognizing him.

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Henry captioned the video, “Dear Doubter,
 The glasses are good enough. 

Superman.” The funny caption references the superhero’s covert identity, Clark Kent, who wears eyewear as his sole disguise.

Earlier this week, the dashing Brit admitted on Good Morning America that his struggles with body image as a young boy helped him play the Man of Steel character. "It does help certainly to have that little bit of stigma in the back of your head that you’re never quite good enough, so you keep on working harder," he said.

Starring alongside Jennifer Garner’s ex also inspired him to hit the gym more often. Henry said, "When you see Ben on set and everything and he’s in good shape, it makes you want to go back to the gym that morning and work a little harder.”

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 25.

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