Chris Rock's Girls Scouts cookie rival Linda Dunn responds to Oscars throwdown

Just because Chris Rock is famous doesn’t mean he’s free from rivalries with other children’s parents. On Sunday night, the Oscars host upped his competition by holding a Girl Scouts cookie sale and calling out his rival troop mom Linda Dunn.

“I have missed most of Girl Scout cookie season,” the comedian said on stage at the Academy Awards. “Last night Zara, my youngest called me up and said, ‘Daddy how come we never sell the most cookies? How come Mrs. Dunn wins every year?'”

He continued, “It would mean so much to my little girl if we could beat Linda Dunn.”

The 51-year-old called on the star-studded audience including Tina Fey and Charlize Theron to reach into their "millionaire pockets” and purchase cookies. “Leo, you made 30 million, c’mon,” he said as the scouts walked around selling cookies.

Meanwhile on the other side of the country, one Linda Dunn was watching the stunt unfold in her New Jersey home. “That was a personal throwdown,” Linda told Access Hollywood. “We have a fun rivalry. Selling cookies is fun.”

The CEO of Odyssey Media added, “90 million people watch the Oscars. You can’t buy that type of publicity for the Girl Scouts. That was a wonderful thing that he did.”

The pair met through Chris’ ex-wife Malaak, whom he filed for divorce from in 2014. “I recruited her to be a Girl Scout leader four or five years ago,” Linda said and now one of Chris’ daughters is in the same Girl Scouts troop as her daughter. She revealed, “They are friends and go to the same school.”

Following the A-list cookie sale, Chris announced that his scouts raised over $65,000 selling cookies to celebrities including Matt Damon, Kate Winslet and Steve Carrell. The amount is reportedly still being verified, but we'd love to see what's next for this "rivalry."

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