While the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers went up against each other in Super Bowl 50 on Sunday night, the game also brought viewers at home a slew of memorable commercials. As much as Super Bowl Sunday is all about football it's just as much about the commercials. From adorable animals to A-List celebrities, this year's championship game brought us a number of laugh out loud and tender commercial moments. We've rounded up our favorite and some of the most-buzz worthy commercials for this year's game.

1. Doritos: Ultrasound

No one can resist a Dorito chip, not even a fetus! Doritos proved this in their hysterical ultrasound commercial, which showed a woman receiving an ultrasound while her husband snacked on the chips. Their unborn baby also wanted in on the action. Watch to see what happens.

2. The Bud Light Party (featuring Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen)

This is one party we fully support. Trainwreck star Amy Schumer and actor Seth Rogen teamed up for a Bud Light beer commercial introducing their new political party, the Bud Light Party. "America has seen the light," Amy says in the ad. "And there's a bud in front of it," Seth added.

3. T-Mobile: Restricted Bling (featuring Drake)

Drake's hotline bling just got restricted in this new T-Mobile commercial. The wireless provider spoofed the singer's hit song to discuss restrictions other cell companies have — and yes there's a turtleneck and that signature dancing.

4. Heinz Ketchup: Hot Dogs

Does it get more amazing than this? Heinz Ketchup dressed dachshunds as actual hot dogs running towards a variety of condiments. Needless to say it was love at first sight.

5. Audi: Commander

Audi paid tribute to the late rockstar David Bowie in their new R8 ad playing the legendary singer's "Starman." The commercial for the car company's new R8 V10 tells the story of a retired astronaut who relives his glory days after his son hands him keys to a new car.

6. Honda

Sheep singing Queen. Need we say more? A flock of sheep performed the rock band's song "Somebody to Love." The takeaway of the entertaining commercial is that the 2017 Honda Ridgeline boasts an audio system that turns the truck's entire bed into a speaker, however for us it's really a revelation that sheep love Queen.

7. Budweiser (featuring Helen Mirren)

Helen Mirren made an appearance at the Super Bowl in the form of an important PSA. Starring in a commercial for Budweiser, the English, "uncensored" actress sat in a booth munching on a burger and fries while drinking a beer, urging viewers to not drive drunk. According to Helen those who drive under the influence are an "oxygen wasting human form of pollution."

8. Super Bowl Babies Choir (featuring Seal)

The Super Bowl 50 brought together singer Seal and Super Bowl babies who were conceived after games of years past. "Mom and dad looked at each other, one thing led to another," the chorus that included babies from 2008, 1994, 1989, and more sang. The tagline? Football is family.

9. Hyundai: Ryanville

This is one town we would love to live in. Hyundai teamed up with Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds for their new Hyundai Elantra car because we all get distracted, even more so when Ryan is everywhere we go.

10. Avocados from Mexico: #AvosInSpace

In a commercial for Avocados from Mexico, a group of aliens tour some of earth's wonders at a museum that includes, 21st century torture device, also known as an airplane cabin, in addition to the emoji language and the white and gold dress, which caused a "civil war."

11. Subaru

This awe-inducing commercial features a Golden Retriever driving a Subaru with its adorable puppy in the back seat trying to get it to fall asleep.

12. T-Mobile: Drop The Balls (featuring Steve Harvey)

It wasn't Steve Harvey's fault this time! The TV host poked fun at his 2015 Miss Universe flub, where he read the wrong winner's name, in this new T-Mobile commercial. "I'm not taking responsibility on this one," he says.

13. Snickers (featuring Willem Dafoe)

Spiderman actor Willem Dafoe channeled his inner Marilyn Monroe for Snickers' newest commercial. The 60-year-old donned the actress' iconic white dress, and pearls to recreate her famous flying skirt scene.

14. Hyundai: First Date (featuring Kevin Hart)

In a hilarious ad for Hyundai, comedian Kevin Hart plays the role of a protective father who lends his keys to his daughter's date. The Genesis car allows Kevin to track his daughter and her date as they make their way around town and naturally he pops in to keep the young man in line (and scared).

15. Mountain Dew: PuppyMonkeyBaby

This is one we couldn't look away from nor stop talking about. To introduce their new drink, Kickstart, which combines Dew, juice and caffeine, Mountain Dew scarred viewers with puppymonkeybaby and a catchy new song. The puppymonkeybaby creature features the head of a puppy, torso of a monkey and legs of a baby. "Three awesome things combined," the ad reads.

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