Angelina Jolie wouldn't be surprised if Maddox has watched R-rated movies

While promoting their upcoming, family-friendly film Kung Fu Panda 3, Angelina Jolie and Jack Black got into the subject of raising their children. During an interview with People magazine, the movie stars swapped stories and discussed whether or not they would let their kids watch their R-rated films.

"You think the kids know nothing, and then you find out they're like, 'Oh yeah, seen it,'" Angelina – mom to Maddox, 14, Pax, 12, Zahara, 10, Shiloh, 9, and 7-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne – said to her co-star.

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Jack, 46, then admitted that while his two sons, Samuel, 9, and Thomas,7, love the Kung Fu Panda movies, "They are a little weirded out that I'm in them."

He continued, "They haven't seen any of my movies except Kung Fu Panda. I don't like to say, 'Hey, you have to see School of Rock.'" Jack added that for the time being he doesn't want his kids to watch any of his R-rated films. He said, "I don't think they're ready for The Pick of Destiny… But someday they probably will be."

Angelina, 40, then quipped, "Whereas my eldest (Maddox) probably has. My oldest especially loves Jack's music. He's introduced him to a few words, few thoughts!"

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The actress and Jack both wanted to make sure the new Kung Fu Panda movie was a family affair and decided to get their children involved, recording animal noises for some of the pandas.

"It's like, 'Get out there and do your job. Earn some money for this family!'" Jack joked in a joint interview with Today. "What I think was so sweet about it was that they took it very seriously," Angelina added. "They came in and said, 'I don't know if I can do this!"

Jack also revealed that his eldest Samuel asked directly if he could have a part in the movie. "I was like, 'We'll see what I can do,'" deadpanned the comedian. "'I'll try and get you a line.' And I was able to pull some strings."

Nevertheless, both stars have reservations about their children getting into the business. Angelina admitted that she and husband Brad Pitt actively discourage acting as a first career. She explained, "We've always said, if they're gonna be actors, I hope they do something and then be actors."

Meanwhile, Jack said he encourages his children to think of Hollywood careers beyond being on camera. He said, "I try and steer 'em towards, you know, writing and directing the little things on the iPhone."

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