Country singer Joey Feek of the duo Joey + Rory has entered hospice. The 40-year-old mother has been battling stage IV cervical cancer since being diagnosed back in 2014. Joey’s husband, Rory Feek has been blogging about his wife’s ongoing battle on his blog entitled, This Life I live.

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In a post on October 23, Rory shared that his wife’s tumors, which were being treated by chemotherapy and radiation on a daily basis, had grown back and her cancer was actively spreading. Rory wrote, “Sometimes there just aren’t enough surgeries – or doctors – or chemotherapies – or prayers. And you have to wipe the tears from your cheeks and say the words that you were hoping to never have to say…Enough.”

Joey’s treatment ceased and the couple returned to her hometown of Alexandria, Indiana. On Friday, the “When I’m Gone” singer was rushed to the hospital due to pain from her growing cancer tumors. Rory updated his blog on Monday informing followers that his wife has entered hospice. He said, “Joey is at peace with where she is and where she’s going. So am I.”

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The couple wed in 2002 and share 1-year-old daughter Indiana, who was born with Down syndrome, in addition to Rory’s two teenage daughters Heidi and Hopie from a previous relationship.

Rory has been bringing Indiana over to the hospital to spend time with her mother. “Both of their eyes light up the moment they see each other,” he wrote. While in the hospital, Joey has been recording her voice reading books for her baby girl. In his blog he added, “Joey’s hope is that our little one will be able to sit on my lap in days to come and turn pages and hear her mama reading to her.”

it's all about love.

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Rory snapped a tender photo of the mother-daughter duo resting on each other in Joey's hospital room. During her visit, Rory continued: "Yesterday I sat her down in front of her mama and they smiled and played and loved each other the way that only mamas and their little ones can. Afterwards, when Indy got sleepy, Joey held her and sang “In The Garden” and other hymns as she softly stroked her silky-blonde hair."

Joey has returned to the comfort of her home where Rory also shared: "We’ll have a play area on the carpet nearby – close enough for her to watch Indy play, and for Indy to turn and make sure her mama can see her."

Our thoughts and prayers are with Joey, Rory and family.

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