Julia Roberts on being a mother: 'I'm like an air traffic controller'

Julia Roberts is a full-time mother and actress – and if you ask her, that’s more than enough! The Secret in Their Eyes star is not looking to expand her resumé with the title "director" anytime soon. Come over to my house—that's directing,” Julia tells E! online.

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Rather than yelling “cut” or “action” to people on set, the mom of three already has her hands full with children Hazel, Finn and Henry, reminding them of their chores: “Brush your teeth! Get your uniform, basketball is tomorrow! Get your violin!"

She adds, “I'm like an air traffic controller.'"

The 48-year-old is content sticking to her current roles and not sitting in the director's chair. She tells PEOPLE, “I would just never want to be that person. “I get everybody out the door to school on time, clean, fed, happy. That’s directing a whole production right there.”

And luckily for Julia, she has a great co-director in her husband of 10 years, Danny Moder, to assist with their children when she's away at work. “Danny is very much a part of it so there’s only one little element gone — I like to think I’m an important element,” she tells PEOPLE.

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Julia worked alongside her husband who served as the cinematographer for the thriller Secret in Their Eyes. Working with Danny, she continues, "It was so great. He’s my favorite person on the planet so I love spending time with him and I love his work ethic. His point of view is really valuable to me."

The Secret in Their Eyes hits theaters November 20.

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