At least she's honest! Bride-to-be Sofia Vergara has admitted that she's turning into a bit of a nightmare as she plans all the details of her upcoming wedding to Joe Manganiello.

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The Modern Family star is set to tie the knot with the Magic Mike hunk in November and she said during an interview on Good Morning America on Wednesday, September 23, that she fears that she's so "detail-oriented" that she's turning her wedding planner's job into "a nightmare."

"We're very excited, we're almost ready. We have a great party planner, Mindy Weiss, who is taking care of everything," she said.

When asked if she is a bit of a bridezilla, Sofia admitted, "I think I'm beyond! If you show me swatches of things, I can in two months exactly remember, 'What happened with the one with the little border that had the little print?' I'm like, really bad."

The 43-year-old, who admitted that Joe, 38, is letting her do "whatever I want" when it comes to the wedding details, is still working on the dress, admitting that it's being custom-made overseas and she doesn't have it yet.

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello Photo: Getty Images

"I know who's making my dress but it's not ready," she said. "They're making it far away so we'll see what happens when it arrives and I'm very excited. But we're almost ready."

The couple, who got engaged in December, had initially considered eloping due to their busy schedules.

"At the beginning, we thought it's like, 'Let's not deal with this craziness,' because we were super busy and to plan like, a weekend that we can both be there and have a little honeymoon or something, it was very difficult," she said. "But my family started like, having seizures and heart attacks and complaints, emails with bad words... They wanted a party, they needed a party. The last party I did was when I was turning 40, so it’s been like three years so they wanted something.”

Sofia previously revealed that there will be 400 guests at the wedding, and her co-star Ed O'Neill said that he and the rest of the Modern Family cast will be attending the nuptials.

Sofia said in an interview with Martha Stewart Weddings last month that she wanted a wedding "where the guests are going to have fun. It's about creating memories that you're always going to cherish. That's what's important."

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