Dakota Johnson shares how 'Fifty Shades of Grey' has affected her love life

Dakota Johnson is single! The actress opened up to Ellen DeGeneres about how the Fifty Shades trilogy has affected her love life. When probed about her current status on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the 25-year-old actress confessed she was single and that it can be hard for her to date. “I guess [boys] are scared of me," she said on Friday's episode. "They either love me or they are running for the hills.”

Dakota confesses her role as Anastasia Steele has some boys "running for the hills" Photo: Getty Images

Continuing to talk about the film, the two discussed the next film Fifty Shades Darker, and Dakota revealed that the cast will start shooting “sometime in the New Year.” Melanie Griffith's daughter didn’t disclose any more information, maintaining the mystery surrounding the latest installment in the much talked about series.

Dakota also spoke about how she has prohibited her parents from seeing the film in order to avoid any awkward conversations, “nuh-uh nobody in my family [has seen the film],” she shared. She continued that it would be weird if any of them saw her doing that.


She can’t however avoid having awkward run-ins with members of the public that have seen the film. Dakota recounted an uncomfortable encounter she had with a taxi driver who had seen the movie with his wife. She admitted that at the end of their chat she wanted to “roll out of the car while it was driving away."

To conclude, the actress spoke about her upcoming film Black Mass in which she stars with long-time friend Johnny Depp. In it, the actress plays the girlfriend of notorious Boston mafia boss James Whitey Bulger, a role which is “completely” different to her Fifty Shades of Grey character Anastasia Steele.

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