​Dave and Odette Annable welcome a baby girl: see the first photo

Labor Day took on new meaning for Dave and Odette Annable, who welcomed their first child to the world earlier this week. The pair announced the arrival of daughter, Charlie Mae Annable, on Instagram on Thursday, with the already smitten papa saying that she is “made from heaven.”

“Odette and I couldn't be happier to announce the arrival of the love of our lives,” wrote the Brothers and Sisters star, next to a photo of Charlie’s tiny hand gripping his finger.

“Team Annable did not get the memo that "Labor Day" wasn't to be taken literally. Charlie is a holiday all on her own. Mom and baby are in great health, and dad hasn't stopped crying since. Shocker. Charlie is one lucky girl to have you as a mother @odetteannable. You are made from heaven.”

Odette, who stars in The Astronaut Wives Club , showed off one of Charlie's new blankets with a tag reading "trust the journey."

“I took Labor Day quite literally this year. Dave gave me this blanket on Mother's Day and baby Charlie and I slept with it our entire hospital stay,” Odette wrote on Instagram. “Charlie is a lucky lady to have you as a papa, we love you so much @dave_annable. Thank you all for the love that you've shown us through this journey.”

The day before giving birth, the couple spent some quality time together. Odette posted a pic of the two of them taking a mini road trip in California.

Photo: Getty Images

Throughout her pregnancy, the former House star kept fans up to date with her progress, sharing regular photos of her growing bump, as well as Dave attempting some DIY and building Charlie’s crib. In June, they revealed the baby’s gender at a party by popping big black balloons filled with colored confetti.

Pregnancy seemed to suit the actress. “I’ve been feeling, I know I feel bad saying this, but I felt really great,” she told HELLO! in May. “I haven’t had any cravings. I’ve been craving cucumber with lemon and salt which is so bizarre. But I’ve been feeling really great.”

The happy couple, who have been married nearly five years, seem to have sorted out their roles as parents already, with Odette saying that she knows she’ll be the bad cop. “The word no will be erased from my vocabulary,” Dave shared with HELLO! “That’s going to be trouble for me.”

Meanwhile, it seems that Odette’s prediction that Dave would be a great dad is already proving true. “Dave is meant to be a father,” she said. “He’s been talking about this ever since I met him, and I even said to myself when we were first dating ‘if I don’t end up with this guy, I want him to be the father of my children.’ No joke.”

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