Pregnant Odette Annable on husband Dave: 'He is meant to be a father'

By Alex Cramer

Last week, Odette and Dave Annable announced that they are expecting their first child together later this year. And the expectant mom, who just turned 30 on May 10, already knows she will be the disciplinarian. “I’ll be bad cop,” a laughing Odette told Hello! during the Super Saturday Sale benefiting the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund in Santa Monica.

Her husband of four years also is well aware that he will be the big softie. “The word no will be erased from my vocabulary,” Dave shared with HELLO!, “That’s going to be trouble for me.”

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Just past the halfway point of her pregnancy, the glowing actress also shared how she is feeling. “I’ve been feeling, I know I feel bad saying this, but I felt really great,” the Banshee actress stated. “I haven’t had any cravings. I’ve been craving cucumber with lemon and salt which is so bizarre. But I’ve been feeling really great.”

Though she was wearing a long, flowing dress, the beginnings of a baby bump were clearly visible at the Saturday event. As she walked down the blue carpet, hand in hand with a grinning Dave, Odette has no doubts that he will be the best father. “Dave is meant to be a father,” she continued. “He’s been talking about this ever since I met him, and I even said to myself when we were first dating ‘if I don’t end up with this guy, I want him to be the father of my children.’ No joke.”

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Luckily for the former Brothers & Sisters star, it is now becoming his reality. “It feels like the right time,” he mentioned. “We’re both very excited so now we get to sort of celebrate with friends and family. It’s great.”

Looks like they are also celebrating an already successful 2015 as well. Odette’s new series Astronaut Wives Club will be premiering this summer on ABC. “We’re actually done shooting, so I was pregnant for the last little bit of the show so I’m just chilling out right now,” the brunette beauty explained. “I’m just relaxing.”

Meanwhile Dave can be seen this fall in the NBC medical drama Heartbreaker alongside Melissa George. The actor added, “Odie is on in the summer, and I’m on in the fall so our grandparents are happy, and they get to see us all over the country, so it’s a great year.”

It is only about to get better!

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