Jordin Sparks gushes about Sage the Gemini: 'He makes me very happy'

By Alisandra Puliti

Jordin Sparks really has no complaints. Her new album Right Here, Right Now is coming out this summer, her new single "Double Tap" is getting a great response, and she can’t stop gushing over her new beau, rapper Sage the Gemini [real name: Dominic Wynn Woods]. “He is a great guy,” she tells HELLO!. “He is very sweet and makes me very happy.”

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Though the two recorded together on her upcoming album, the romance didn’t start until after working in the studio. "We’ve been talking for a little bit,” she continues. “He is a good guy. I don’t really know how to explain it. It’s amazing.”

And from her Instagram pictures, it seems the two are spending their every move together. “I think it’s just when you feel comfortable,” she explains about posting all those lovely snaps. “It was just a natural thing to do. We also like the pictures to speak for themselves so that’s all I’m going to say on that!”

"Freeze the moment, it's never been better..."

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As Jordin gets to know Sage, (according to her, they don’t have a title yet and are “just talking”) she does admit that it is different from her past public relationship and split [to singer Jason Derulo.] The 25-year-old, who suffers from intense migraines, jokes, “Sometimes you can get a migraine from different people in your life.”

Luckily, the pain from the migraines hasn’t caused her to cancel or miss anything major, perhaps just a date night with her new man. “When you get a migraine, the last thing you are thinking about is anything else but the pain that is happening in your head,” she shares. “It’s been where I need at least 45 minutes to get this under control because it was affecting me so much. I always have Excedrin in my bag. It’s the only thing that helps me get my migraines under control.”

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Growing up, she witnessed her mom suffer from the debilitating headaches and Jordin admits that stress certainly doesn’t help her career: “After Idol, all of a sudden I’m in this new world and job, I didn’t know what I was doing and it was super stressful. I’m traveling all the time, I have different deadlines all the time so I have to really watch it and really keep an eye out for different things.”

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One way the singer unwinds is in the gym. “I’m really enjoying Cardio Barre. I always wanted to be a point ballerina when I was younger, but it’s fun to be able to do the class,” she says. “I love hot yoga. I love to hike.”

We bet her favorite workout of all though is with the “Swerve” rapper. “He likes to play sports and you know how boys are, they just like to be outside,” she quips. “He definitely is very encouraging.”

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