Jimmy Kimmel is known as the ultimate prankster in Hollywood. He asked fans to prank him on April Fool's Day, and Rihanna decided to take him up on the challenge.

Jimmy's wife Molly welcomed the 27-year-old into their home while Jimmy was getting some shut eye. The songstress brought a whole camera crew into the late night talk show host's bedroom and gave him a wake-up call he'll never forget. "Okay, I'm gonna go wake up Jimmy now," Rihanna said in the video clip, which is time stamped at 1:01am. "Wish me luck."

Moments later she blasted her new single "B**** Better Have My Money" and had dancers perform a light show. The songstress also showered Jimmy in money and jumped on up and down on his bed while the comedian looked utterly confused. After throwing a pillow at him, Jimmy realized what was going on and removed what seemed to be a night retainer.

A good sport, Jimmy shared the video on Twitter, writing" '.@Rihanna BURST into my bedroom last night. Sneak peek of her terrifying #AprilFools "greeting" here," alongside the link to the video. Rihanna later appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday in a sexy outfit. At first glance it appeared she was only wearing a blue coat, but it was later revealed that underneath there were tiny matching shorts and a white top.

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Hopefully we'll see many more pranks to come as Jimmy posted a request to fans on his Twitter account. He wrote, "You can be a part of our next prank" along with a video detailing his latest YouTube challenge where he tells viewers to say "April Fools" just as their loved one is taking a sip of their morning coffee, while taping the reaction on their cameras. "It's the best kind of prank, because it involves using your imagination, which, you know, our parents always said was important."

Watch the hilarious prank below:

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