Talk about the ultimate throwback photo! Martha Stewart posted a picture on her Twitter account of her with Oprah Winfrey before becoming the media moguls they are today.

Martha Stewart shared this sweet picture of her with Oprah Photo: Twitter

The photo, taken in 1982, features a fresh-faced Martha donning a true '80s fashion look: shoulder pads. Burgeoning TV star Oprah rocked a flowy white top, gold earrings and a bold red lip.

Oprah is still taking the world by storm, even having an Oscar-nominated film this year Photo: Getty Images

Both women, who were relatively unknown at the time, have gone on to conquer the TV and magazine world. Just one year after the photo was taken, Oprah hosted WLS-TV's half-hour morning talk show titled AM Chicago and later was given her own self-titled show in 1986 after receiving rave reviews. Now, the 61-year-old has her own network called OWN, her own magazine and is even involved in major motion pictures.

Martha Stewart recently launched yet another book Photo: Getty Images

And, of course, since then Martha has written several books, created the Martha Stewart Living magazine in 1990, launched her own show in 1993 and created various other lifestyle products under the company Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

The two moguls pictured together in April 2000 Photo: Getty Images

The adorable photo reminds us how far these successful women have come!

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