Will Smith stars in this exclusive new trailer for heist drama Focus

Margot Robbie turned heads when she starred opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street. Now, she is back on the big screen in the new heist drama Focus with Will Smith. This exclusive new trailer showcases the high-stake drama's three Ls: love, lies and loss.


London press conference last Thursday, Will revealed that the film is "a heist film but then it will be a bizarre comedy for a while and then it’s really serious and there is great action… and then there’s a wonderful love story in the centre of the film."

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Will's co-star Margot Robbie stars as Jess, who he takes under his wing

He added: "It’s never straight forward funny. It’s dead serious and they [the directors] manage to figure how the situation makes it funny, and that’s different for me.

"I’m from the American sitcom school, you don’t have to make people guess if it’s funny. So it’s a different tone of quality for me, which was fun."

Con films have always fascinated audiences, and Margot admitted that she thinks the attraction to heists stems from the idea that "there is something a little dangerous about them. Perhaps it’s our way of living vicariously through someone else."


The pair were rumoured to be closer than friends during production, and their chemistry is clear throughout the film. "It was something neither of us were really expecting but for some reason when we walked into the room we just really got along and that continued through the shoot," admitted Margot.

"It made every scene exciting and fun. It’s not something you can manufacture, so it wasn’t forced or planned, it just existed already which was handy."

Focus is out on February 27.

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