Why Joey Fatone isn't giving Justin Timberlake any parenting tips

As many first time parents know, family, friends and even strangers on the street love nothing better than to to chime in and give advice. As Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel prepare to welcome their first baby, we are sure they are getting all sorts of unsolicited tips.

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But father of two, fellow ‘N Syncer, Joey Fatone, isn't about to give his bandmate and longtime friend advice right now. “I haven’t given him any yet,” Joey told HELLO! at Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary. “Wait until the kid is born, then we will talk.”

The father of two girls, Briahana, 13, and Kloey, 5, continued, “It’s a whole other thing when the kid is actually born.” And though Justin and Jessica have said they don’t know the sex of the baby, Joey joked that if he does have a baby girl, “Good... luck!”

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One thing is certain – Justin can’t wait to be a dad. Joey added, “He’s always wanted a child.” As the weeks close in on when baby Timberlake will be born, the “Mirrors” singer has been a bit more open about the new addition.

In recent months, Jessica has been displaying her growing baby bump, and Justin even shared a personal snap on his birthday of him kissing her bare belly.

For now though, Justin was able to reunite with Joey, Lance Bass and Chris Kirkpatrick at the SNL 40th. “Just to be a part of it,” Joey said about coming back to Studio 8H (sadly JC Chasez was missing, and the group didn’t hit the stage together). “It is the most amazing thing. We never thought that would happen in a million years.”

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