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Say hello to the 14 Latina entrepreneurs that are making history in the beauty space

So much more than beauty!

UPDATED MARCH 12, 2020 9:16 AM EDT

Welcome to 2020, where Latinas are CEOs and founders of their culture-driven companies, they’re using buying power to create change and making an impact within the beauty world. Some would agree we are living our ancestors’ wildest dreams as we launch businesses built from beauty routines pass down to them. From Mexican-inspired hair accessories by Danié Gómez-Ortigoza from Journey of a Braid to the Dominican-born owner of Miss Rizos salon, Carolina Contreras, these women are worth celebrating not just during Women’s History Month, but every month. Ahead, you’ll find our favorite Latinas who are breaking barriers as Latina entrepreneurs in the beauty and wellness world.

Miss Rizos© missrizos

Owner of Miss Rizos Salon

After 15 years of chemically straightening her hair, due to others’ concepts of beauty, Carolina Contreras got the big chop and began her self-love and natural hair journey. Her entrepreneurial mindset and passion for the Dominican community launched Miss Rizos salon in Santo Domingo, where curly hair is less celebrated. After seeing how successful her natural hair salon was in the motherland, she opened up a second natural salon in the heart of Washington Heights.

Tata Harper© tataharper

Founder of Tata Harper Skincare

Colombian-born Tata Harper is a pioneer in natural luxury skincare. The brand is dedicated to non-toxic skincare and beauty products that help you achieve glowing skin and will enhance your routine. Tata’s booming business pays homage to her spa parties she’d have with her Colombian grandmother. She recalls making scrubs and masks with vinegar and mayo for attendees.

Honey Baby Naturals founder© Honey Baby Naturals

Honey Baby Naturals Founder

Inspired by her family’s needs, the Founder of Honey Baby Naturals , took matters into her own hands by creating a hair and skincare brand. Producing hair masks, leave-ins and honey-based detanglers, it was not long before the Puerto Rican businesswoman saw success on the horizon. Since 2015, the powerhouse behind Honey Baby Naturals, Aisha Ceballos-Crump, has helped many multicultural families love their natural textures.

Danie Gomez Ortigoza Journey of a Braid© Danie Gomez Ortigoza

Journey of a Braid Creator

Meet the Mexican entrepreneur and visual storyteller behind the headpiece brand, Journey of A Braid . Celebrated for her vibrant style, Danie Gomez Ortigoza decided to make artwork with her cultural braided hairstyle a company. Each of her headpieces honors the reina within all of us.

Kathleen Lights© Kathleen Lights

Founder of Lights Lacquer

Influencing beyond YouTube, Kathleen Fuentes rebranded herself and crafted Light Lacquers , a vegan and cruelty-free nail polish collection. Honoring her Cuban roots, the online star named some of the colors after empowering Latinx titles such as ‘Jefa’. Be sure to support this boss babe!

Simone Xavier Sigma Beauty© Sigma Beauty

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Director of Sigma Beauty

According to Simone Xavier, Sigma Beauty was inspired by 3 driving forces: quality, function and innovation. Simone is the leading Latina behind the makeup empire. From lipglosses to brushes, the cult-favorite brand has made their mark in makeup.

Following her dreams, beauty blogger turned businesswoman Ada Rojas started curly hair brand, Botinka Beauty. As a proud Afro-Latina her full line consists of an oil serum, deep conditioner, mousse, gel, protein treatment, and two curl creams. Ada continues to give back to the Latinx community with her products and leadership tours.© Ada Rojas

Botanika Beauty Founder

Following her dreams, beauty blogger turned businesswoman Ada Rojas started the curly hair brand, Botanika Beauty. As a proud Afro-Latina, her full line consists of an oil serum, deep conditioner, mousse, gel, protein treatment and two curl creams. Ada continues to give back to the Latinx community with her products and leadership tours.

Danielle Alvarez Bonita Project© Danielle Alvarez

Bonita Boss

This is the Peruvian powerhouse behind The Bonita Project, Danielle Alvarez. With years of beauty and lifestyle public relations experience, this Miami native made her dream come true. The Bonita Project celebrates culture and diversity with the vision to break barriers between general and multicultural to reach bonitas of all backgrounds. Cheers to getting it right, bonita!

Stephanie Flor© Stephanie Flor

Around the World Beauty Owner

Motivated by her personal travels, Stephanie Flor started Around The World Beauty, a boutique travel company. The experiential beauty service unites women from all over the world to explore cultural beauty rituals. Take a trip with ATW Beauty and experience places such as Mexico, Bali, Morroco and more through the beauty lens.

Regina Merson© Regina Merson

Reina Rebelde Jefa

Founder Regina Merson drew from her upbringings in Mexico when creating Reina Rebelde. The beauty brand boasts eye shadow palettes, lipsticks and brushes. Known for her pa la cultura mindset, every piece produced comes with a storytelling idea that honors the modern-day Latina.

Natalia Durazo and LaLa Romero Sweet Street Cosmetics© Sweet Street Cosmetics

Sweet Street Cosmetics Co-Founders

Natalia Durazo and LaLa Romero joined forces to launch Sweet Street Cosmetics. The dynamic-duo were inspired by their own experiences, iconic women from neighborhoods and pop culture. Focusing on lips and eyes, the brand believes everyone can achieve the perfect winged liner by following their Latina-approved tips and tricks.

Megan Martinez© Dustin Ashcraft

Chaos Makeup Mogul

Megan Martinez is the definition of a self-made makeup mogul. The self-taught Texan went from being homeless to creating a lucrative cosmetics brand, Chaos Makeup. Her holographic shadows and highlighters are ‘90s Lisa Frank makeup dreams come true. If you’re looking for a dose of shimmer in your life, add these beauty goodies to your vanity.

Marcella Gomez Candles© Marcella Gomez

Oh Comadre Candles Founder

When it comes to scents that make you nostalgic, founder of Oh Comadre Candles has mastered this market. Marcella Gomez’s scents will have any Latina reminiscing about their childhood and culture. Her candles include a tamal-infused, vapor-inspired and more Latinx-approved scents.

Ella's Eve Cosmetics© Ella's Eve Cosmetics

Ella\'s Eve Cosmetics Co-Founders

These sisters share a passion for makeup which has brought them to the business mode. Both Melissa and Lissa are the two hermanas behind the new Latinx brand Ella’s Eve Cosmetics. At the moment the cosmetic brand sells lip lacquer, but will be producing eyeshadows next.