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Jennifer Aniston© GettyImages

Microneedling, the beauty treatment Jennifer Aniston swears by

Jennifer Aniston's beautiful skin has received the benefits of this non-surgical skincare treatment, find out what microneedling is and what it can do for your skin

NOVEMBER 3, 2019 6:00 PM EST

“I do micro-needling! I just learned about it a couple months ago from a facialist in New York. It allows the serums and whatever products you’re using to really soak in," said Jennifer Aniston during an interview with People magazine when asked about her beauty routine. The 50-year-old is used to set trends among her fans and followers, first, it was that Friend´s iconic hairstyle and now... Does this mean microneedling is the next big thing in beauty treatments? Well, if we bear in mind the fantastic results in Jennifer´s skin, it might well be!

But what is it exactly and how does it work? Microneedling is a non-surgical treatment used to rejuvenate the skin. It helps to increase the collagen production and improves the appearance of areas in your body that can have wrinkles, spots, stretch marks, or scars.

Instrumento para realizar tratamiento de Microneedling© iStock
Technology has perfected the derma roller, the tool used for the microneedling therapy

This technique consists of performing micro-punctures to generate micro-injuries. It can sound intimidating when it's explained like that, but the truth is that it is one of the least invasive procedures and it has excellent results, although you will have to book several sessions to start seeing the benefits.

Cremas y serums para microneedling© iStock
Microneedling facilitates deep penetration of products specific to your skin's needs

Microneedling is based on a "trick" to your skin. After applying the dermo roller, the skin will believe it has been injured and will launch its self-repair program. As a result, the cells regenerate and collagen production increases. Voilà! You get a wonderfully youthful appearance.

microneedling Jennifer Aniston beauty treatment© Istock
Always avoid running the roller through the eye contour area

Although the process is not painful, it can be uncomfortable, so always ask an expert to find out if it´s a treatment suitable for you. If it is, the good news is that according to beauty specialists, microneedling can improve almost any problem your skin might have, anyone with moderate loss of skin elasticity can benefit from this treatment, as well as those with mild to medium acne scars, and it also prevents or slows the signs of aging.

Chica en sesión de Microneedling© iStock
Microneedling is not only for use on the face or scalp, you can also use it in other parts of your body

Remember that it is not recommended for people who tend to form keloid scars or have some type of facial infection. Always consider your skin's factors and needs, and, as we said, consult your doctor before undergoing this treatment.