Did Ana de la Reguera just confirm her romance with Alfonso Herrera?

It was also reported that Alfonso moved closer to the actress to spend more time with her. Now it seems the pair are on vacation in Spain.

Rumors about a possible romantic relationship between Ana de la Reguera and Alfonso Herrera have been going around for a while, and while there has yet to be an official announcement, it seems the pair are showing signs on social media that could indicate they have been romantically involved for a while.

Online users have pointed out that the romance may have started while the two stars were working on the set of the film ‘Que viva Mexico!,’ fueling the rumors following Alfonso’s statement ending his 5-year marriage with Diana Vasquez, revealing that for a long time they “decided to take different paths.”


“This decision was ours to make and we remain in friendly terms with each other, always wishing the best, with love and respect,” the statement reads in Spanish, “We continue to be friends,” adding that they are now co-parenting the “beautiful family that we created.”

However it was Diana who indicated that the marriage had come to an end after an alleged infidelity, posting cryptic messages on Instagram and using her Twitter account to retweet an apparent “disrespect” from her ex-husband.

“Manipulation is when they blame you for your negative reaction to their disrespect,” she posted, “I make no apologies for how I chose to repair what you broke,” among other messages.


It was also reported that Alfonso moved closer to the actress to spend more time with her, and fans have said that there have been photos of the actor taken in Ana’s house.

Now it has been revealed that the pair are spending more time together, after chef Belén Pascual posted a photo while the couple seem to be on vacation in Spain, with the caption “Great people. It was a pleasure meeting you both. See you in Mexico.”

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