Eva Longoria walked the red carpet hours after a major surgery

Mamá on a mission!

Eva Longoria shows that nothing will come between a girl and a fabulous dress — even emergency surgery. While on the Conan O’Brien show on August 30, the actress shared how while in France for the Cannes Film Festival this May, she suddenly felt this intense pain in her abdominal area and how she thought initially it had just been indigestion.


Later she started to WebMD it (which is normally a no-no in most cases), and found out that she had appendicitis. After her self-diagnosis, she was rushed to the hospital to have doctors formally diagnose her and take the proper measures to address the pain. When she got there, she told the staff what she had, but since she didn’t present the normal symptoms for appendicitis the doctors wanted to run other exams. 

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The Grand Hotel producer shared how the pain she felt was worse than giving birth to her baby boy Santiago Enrique Baston

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When all other medical exams came back negative, doctors came to the conclusion that she might just might have appendicitis — as she had been telling them since she arrived to the hospital. She even told them in French what she had to make sure that they understood her. Once she was diagnosed, they took her in for an emergency surgery and had her appendix removed. She jokingly told her host Conan that it was okay to remove since “we really don’t need it.”


Later the hospital staff asked for her to stay overnight, but the Desperate Housewives star said no due to her commitment to walking the Cannes red carpet for the opening ceremony and screening of the film The Dead Don't Die. She shared that the red carpet was only three minutes of pictures and then she was sped home to rest.

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Conan also asked the actress what it was like directing with baby Santi, and she shared that she was blessed to work in an industry where she could take him with her on set, interviews or have him in the office with her. The TV show host shared an image of her nursing her bundle of joy and the actress shared how on one occasion she was directing an action scene and was yelling directions and the actor wasn’t sure where to look. When asked if she felt that nursing and working would be distracting to the actors, she shared “I don’t care.” Her goal is to normalize motherhood within the film industry.

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