Gina Rodriguez and Eva Longoria support girl who is facing deportation with a life-threatening disease

Isabel Bueso will not have the medical treatment she requires if deported to Guatemala

Last week, Isabel Bueso got news that she and her family would be deported after living 16 years in the United States. Isabel came to the US legally to treat her rare, life-threatening disorder called Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome (MPS 6). Now, she must leave the states on September 15 and return to Guatemala. Not only is this deportation, it is a death sentence. She currently receives weekly day-long treatments that will not be available in Guatemala. Many celebrities are speaking out in support of Isabel in the hopes that she and her family will be allowed to stay and ultimately, saved. Gina RodriguezEva Longoria and Jane the Virgin actor Justin Baldoni have all shared messages on their social media accounts.



Celebrities are speaking out in support of Isabel Buseo, who suffers from MPS 6 and is being deported to Guatemala

"You guys! YOU HAVE TO READ THIS! Please help #SaveIsabel and tweet at @realdonaldtrump to change the policy that lacks humanity and compassion," The Desperate Housewives alum wrote. "We can’t continue to let children die under this administration. HELP, REPOST, Make noise!" Meanwhile, Gina took to her stories to urge her fans to spread the message by signing the petition. "We are pleading for the Trump administration to reverse its decision and for USCIS to extend Isabel and her family's medical deferred action status," the actress wrote. "Her life literally depends on it. To my beautiful warriors. Please see it in your heart to help us save Isabel's life. Sign the petition."

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Jane the Virgin actor Justin Baldoni recently told her story in his CW series My Last Days, where he delved deep into her condition. Isabel's condition is incredibly rare and causes several physical disabilities, including "dwarfism, clouded vision and possible blindness, breathing difficulties, hearing impairment, coarsening of the face, spinal cord compression, enlarged tongue, organ enlargement, and painful bone and joint abnormalities." And according to her physician at the UCSF Children's Hospital in Oakland, she can only be treated here in the states. "The only drug treatment available for the disease . . . is not available in the family’s home country of Guatemala," Dr. Paul Harmatz says. "If she were to return to Guatemala, she would no longer have access to the medication and she would die.”

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Isabel will not have access to the treatments that keep her alive if she is deported

Justin has also spoken out in support of Isabel. “Isabel has been a dear friend of mine since I had the privilege of telling her story on My Last Days four years ago,” he said. "I’ve never met somebody who embodies pure joy the way that she does. Despite everything she’s been through, Isabel always has a smile on her face, wanting nothing more than to make people happy. It breaks my heart to see her being put in this situation. I hope our government will do the right thing and extend her status here.” 

He is also spreading the message on social media with the hashtag #SaveIsabel and encouraging everyone to sign the petition on

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