Matthew Broderick and Alice Eve were inseparable filming 'Dirty Weekend'

By Tionah Lee

Alice Eve and Matthew Broderick play a pair of co-workers who become friends after an unexpected layover forces them to bond in their latest film Dirty Weekend. Off screen, the pair formed their friendship pretty much in a similar way.

"I met her on the plane when we were heading to Albuquerque, and I had seen her picture," Matthew told HELLO! at a Friar's Club screening of the film in New York City. "She walked up to me while we were in the waiting area for our flight and said 'I’m Alice.' So we changed our seats so we could sit next to each other on the plane."

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And that didn't stop once they touched down in New Mexico. Matthew continued: "We talked and basically we would learn lines together, talk, eat dinner. It was just incredible how much time we spent together."

Spending THAT much time together didn't bother the 33-year-old actress. She and Matthew even remained inseparable until the last night when they went in search of a bar to celebrate the wrap. (Unfortunately they didn't find one so they headed home and that was that.) "We kind of stayed in the energy of our characters as being two people that got out and had fun with each other," the Star Trek star said. "[Matthew] is one of those people who's just funny all the time. It’s the best thing in the world working with somebody who’s just trolling through life and walking down the street and laughing because he has a funny comment. For me it was wonderful, it was a lot of fun."

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Fun until their lives were put at risk when Alice wanted to go in a hot air balloon. "Matthew didn’t want to go. We had a little journey ahead, and I talked him into it," she explained. "We nearly died. The guy was really excited to meet Matthew and had a little too much champagne. He was like 'We’re gonna do this landing and we’re gonna go skim skim skim BOOM, and we’re gonna land in this region.' [Instead] it goes bump, bump bump, and the basket keeps bumping. He panics and just throws us all onto the ground and Matthew was in a sling, and it kind of collapsed. It was beautiful while we were up there."

No hard feelings though. Matthew, who will make his way back to Broadway in Sylvia, added: "She’s very outgoing and funny, and she was so friendly. I don’t think we had any problems at all. We were always very comfortable."

Dirty Weekend hits theaters nationwide September 4. Click below to watch the official trailer.

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